A Guide for Parents With New Teen Drivers

Traffic law exempts no one, including your newly licensed teen. Before they get behind the wheel by themselves, it’s vital for you, as a parent, to have an in-depth conversation with them about the importance of driving safely. Here’s a short guide to help you get started.

Why Should You Discuss Driving With Your Teen?

In the United States, car crashes are the leading cause of death for teens. As such, having a sincere conversation with your child about the best driving practices could help keep them and other drivers safe.

As a parent, your responsibility for your teen’s driving habits doesn’t end when they receive their official license. Boys and kids who drive with friends are also at the highest risk. Factors such as alcohol, inexperience, speeding, and improper seat belt use make driving dangerous for young people.

What Are Some Ground Rules to Set?

A few simple rules, like the ones below, will keep your newly licensed teen safe on the road.

  • Put Safety First: traffic lawEmphasize the need to buckle up every time, even if it’s just for a short drive. Seat belts save lives, so make sure your child wears theirs before hitting the road. Consider getting a car model that doesn’t start if the driver isn’t wearing the belt.

  • Drive Without Distractions: Never allow the use of mobile phones or other devices when behind the wheel. On the same note, discourage multi-tasking, such as eating, drinking, or playing loud music while driving. Set the right example by avoiding these behaviors when you drive your family.

  • Follow Road Rules: Remind them that following the traffic law is a step toward safe driving. This means no going over the posted speed limits or getting behind the wheel when impaired by alcohol. Missouri’s DUI laws forbid those who are under 21 from driving with a blood alcohol content that exceeds 0.02%.

  • Limit Their Privileges: Driving is a privilege, and your teen should understand that. Restrict them from having peer passengers and driving at night when visibility is low, or in inclement weather when road conditions are hazardous. Give them more privileges as they become more experienced to encourage positive behaviors.

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