Speeding Ticket FAQs

Speeding Ticket Frequently Asked Questions from Traffic Law Firm of MissouriWe’ve been there – you’re driving your usual route to the work or the grocery store when you see the red and blue lights in your rear-view mirror. Sometimes, we speed because we’re distracted by our phone or kids in the backseat. Sometimes, we’re running late and knew we were “pushing it.”

No matter the reason, being pulled over and getting a traffic ticket is always a nuisance, and can affect us in a number of ways. We’ve pulled together a few “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQs) to address here. Hopefully, this information helps you understand the citation process and what you can do the next time you see those red-and-blues in the rearview mirror.

What do speeding tickets in Missouri cost?

The Missouri State FCC has a helpful handout on Missouri traffic fines, how to pay them, and how to submit your plea after you’ve received a ticket. Your speeding ticket’s fine will depend on how fast you were clocked driving in any certain traffic zone. Again, referencing that MO State FCC document, speeding ticket fines will cost:

  • $83 (1-5 mph over)
  • $67 (6-10 mph over)
  • $122 (11-15 mph over)
  • $147 (16-19 mph over)
  • $222 (20-25 mph)

One thing to consider here is any special circumstance that could change the cost of your fine. For example, if you are pulled over speeding in a construction zone, the fines can double or triple, especially if there are construction workers present in the zone at the time of your ticket.

How long will this ticket stay on my “permanent record?”

In Missouri, speeding tickets can be reduced to non-moving violations without ANY points on your record or a court appearance showing up on your record. However, if your ticket isn’t reduced to this non-moving offense, then the record will reflect that citation. Once you’ve paid your ticket, the traffic violation remains on your Missouri driving record for at least 3 years, maybe more.

Is my ticket a “misdemeanor?”

It’s common for your speeding offense to appear as a misdemeanor. You can learn about the difference between Class B Misdemeanors and Class C Misdemeanors online, or we can walk you through that information after you submit your ticket. If your case isn’t handled correctly, these misdemeanors could result in additional fines or even jail time. Avoid that by contacting after you’ve gotten a ticket in Missouri, so that we can walk you through your options.

What about points on my license?

In Missouri, a speeding ticket will add 3 points to your personal driving record. If you’re convicted for a speeding violation in a municipal area, then only 2 points get added to your record. If you get to a point where you’ve accumulated 4 points in a 12-month time period, you’ll receive a letter from the Missouri Department of Revenue notifying you.

When that happens, if you haven’t started working with us on your ticket, you should call our offices. We can help you understand and take the best action on your behalf!

What if I don’t pay my speeding ticket?

So, if you do not contest your ticket or pay the fine assigned, you will likely end up paying an even larger fine in the end. Plus, there are additional ramifications to consider when failing to contest or pay your ticket, including:

  • Car insurance increases
  • A forced change in your car insurance coverage
  • Arrest warrants issued for your name
  • Additional fines and points on your record
  • Eventually, drivers license suspension

How can I get help on my speeding ticket?

That’s an easy one. Call us! We’re ready to help you navigate the process and will fight for your rights as a Missouri driver. We can help with a wide array of services, including DUI/DWI, speeding, possession, and license suspensions. We’re ready for your call today. Contact us online or call our offices to get started!